An Umbrella Walk for Change

Better Chitwan

Let’s Walk; Mark and Spark

In the verse where local election has become a matter of attraction to every people and is flowing in social medias so rapidly but the so-called culture of approaching and asking for a vote in front of the citizens showing surreal-fake dreams is still trending which has no sustainable future and must be discouraged for the better change. Like, a single drop counts; a single right vote by every voters can make a huge difference on country’s economy, women’s empowerment and other sectors which is a matter of big concern.

During the time when people are inviting the darkness and segregating; An Umbrella Walk emblems the canopy of the heavens, shelter, power, dignity, shade, and protection. A walk, a hopeful and right mark of today will definitively bring the spark. Together we can make a big difference; henceforth connecting youths to the drive lead by…

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